Rehumanising, take people one by one

Rehumanising training combats the dehumanisation of people, which results from their being grouped together under generic labels; coupled with the current and pervasive dominance of digital technology.   Through discussion, role play and other applications, delegates assume the personas of Other People, and in business the outcome of the training results in both staff and customer retention.

The basis of a Rehumanising workshop is viewing a cause, problem or potential conflict first through your own eyes and then through the eyes of The Other.   Wearing a mask with your notes on the topic noted, then exchanging masks with the person on the other side, so as to view things from their perspective, is one way of doing it.   Often there are purely cultural differences which, once explained, can be left out of the equation and allow the similarities to emerge.   In the context of Make Peace Not War, this is the beginning of reconciliation.

In a corporate perspective, Rehumanising can be of special benefit to anyone who interfaces with Customers, Clients, Subscribers, Readers and the like. Instead of seeing them in a generic sense, they are seen as individuals and the staff member empathises with their particular situation. Treating the person before the problem, lovingly binds the customer to the organisation in a relationship of personal loyalty.

Similarly, rehumanising between internal divisions brings a host of benefits, including the creation of a happy and fun workplace, eradication of costly and demoralising grudge/dismissal procedures, increased productivity, promotion of good word of mouth about the organisation and a genuine concern for staff as individual people.   (In 2014, South Africa’s CCMA – the Commission for Conciliation, Mediation and Arbitration – heard nearly 118 000 case, most of which cost the employers up to R100 000 a time).

The applications which are used to assume the Other Person’s persona – and so understand their challenges and concerns – are many and varied, and customised for each particular group. One or two-day courses are offered, with on-going follow-up initiatives.

The digital, e-learning version of Rehumanising training is in preparation and will be available in the second quarter of 2015.   This application does not require workshops to be scheduled, but does include video material which supplies personal and interactive input.

Corporate clients to date include MultiChoice South Africa.   Executive Chairman of the MultiChoice Group, Nolo Letele, says of John Badenhorst:   “John is absolutely fearless. Refreshingly un-PC, humorous and very honest, he cuts to the heart of any assignment or problem, and always follows up relentlessly, to ensure that the task is successfully completed. He connects instinctively with anyone, with people from all walks of life.”