Public Relations

I have been employed in senior positions in the Public Relations industry, on both the client and the agency side, in South Africa, the Middle East, the United Kingdom and other parts of Europe.   My PR credo is simple – it’s about:

Common sense

Imagine you’re going to meet the parents of your lover for the first time.   You will look your best, take a gift, mind your language, generally present yourself in the best light possible … well, it’s exactly the same in PR.


This is as important as any other action taken in a PR campaign and can be the downfall of even the strongest agency.   Accountability and follow-through are vital.

Sense of urgency

“Do it Now” is an invaluable maxim – one never knows what tomorrow may bring.   In Africa and the Middle East particularly, there can sometimes be a more leisurely pace of work, which does not always meet the requirements of internationally-accepted PR deadlines.


Each market is different – each company for that matter – and whilst one never compromises one’s core values and standards, there are often different ways of achieving the same aim.

There’s more to PR than the above, of course, and the miracles brought by the digital age and social media have made us rethink many of our traditional PR stratagems.   But the basics remain.   One of my most popular courses is:

PR 101

The course is usually presented over two days and includes practical work to be completed by the student, which is reviewed piece by piece.   It consists of the following components:

What is PR?

The evolution of Public Relations, how PR fits into the modern marketing mix, what it is and is not.

Press release writing

Basic components of any press release, length, tone, language, audience.

Proposal writing

Basic components of any proposal, plus practical presentation skills.   All delegates present the proposals they have completed in the course and benefit from constructive input on how to improve their delivery.

Event management

Basic components of any event, large or small; the visualisation technique which ensures success.