Make Peace Not War


A peace initiative founded in 2014 by John Badenhorst, in South Africa, which works to promote understanding between opposing groups, groups at risk of breaking into violent conflict and groups already at war; so as to spare ordinary people on both sides the devastating results of wars which destroy people, their lives, houses, work-places, family breadwinners, schools … all the basic elements of normal life in a human society.

The work of MPNW is furthered by speaking to diverse groups in formal surroundings, publications on the internet and elsewhere, informal one-on-one meetings with people in need of facilitation, and more; but also by the staging of relevant theatre productions.

Initially, the organisers are relying on invitations from people and communities in need, who reach out, but as funding for the initiative grows, MPNW will start to pro-actively spread its wings further afield.

The initiative has no political, national or religious agendas or affiliations, knows no geographical or cultural boundaries and takes no moral stance.   Its sole purpose is to prevent war.