In A Nutshell

My entire working life has been concerned with Communications, in one way or another.

Theatre, Teaching, Community Work, Public Relations, Conflict Resolution … the common thread running through all these activities, for over four decades and more, has been the need to communicate directly, person-to-person.

The concept of Rehumanising is that one should never think of a collection of people as a group, but as individuals. Group labels dehumanise people, robbing them of their basic humanity, which corresponds to one’s own, and therefore these labels also remove the sympathy which one should feel for a fellow human being; thus making it easy to be reconciled to actions which are seriously to the detriment of “the other”

Once the person on the other side is seen as an individual, not as a member of an anonymous group, one can proceed to see the situation of the other party through their eyes, as well as your own; their perspective or point of view, not merely your own. This is the first step to resolving a conflict, ranging from a domestic disagreement to a full-scale international war.

Make Peace Not War is the natural extension of Rehumanising. After so many years of fighting for the right, it has become crystal clear to me that, in a war, it does not really matter who is right. Wars destroy the lives of ordinary people, whichever side of the conflict they are on. The bosses of the war inevitably have somewhere to go, but ordinary people lose their homes, family members, their jobs, often their financial providers, their children’s schools, their dignity and their ability to live independently. As refugees, their lives are shattered, often irreparably.

Join me as I proceed with workshops, sometimes using the theatre as a vehicle, and spreading awareness in the media, social and otherwise. We all need first to do what we can in our own backyard – but then, the backyard has become global, so there’s no time to waste 🙂

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