About us

I have spent many years working at a senior level in education, the theatre and public relations, in South Africa and internationally.

The common thread running through all these activities has been the need to communicate, person-to-person, and where I have succeeded in this aim, it has paid rich dividends in my life and in the lives of others.

My new Rehumanising training is of major benefit to anyone who has any kind of relationship – whether personal, social, or business. In the latter sector, the outcome is significant staff and customer retention. (Further details under “Training”.
The e-learning application will be available in Quarter Two of 2015).

The affirmations that I receive from past students, actors and colleagues I have mentored, stand proudly next to the professional PR successes I have had with the great and the good.

At base, effective communication is simply about seeing people as real individuals, as opposed to anonymous components of generically-labelled groups. I am dedicated to sharing my insights and methods with others, and work from time to time with colleagues in their own businesses, especially when I am training in different countries.   When I contribute to the development of even one person, or group, truly rehumanising them, it is well worthwhile. My work in business, the theatre and on-going education is detailed in the sections which follow. The theatre, of course, has a life of its own, but in this context it is a major vehicle for imparting the message of  Rehumanising.